How does the Astronaut Blend Taste!?

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If you did not get a chance to view our taste analysis of the Astronaut Blend, we just released it as a video on Youtube and you can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

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This past week we have been talking about the taste of our Astronaut Blend. This Tanzania peaberry bean has such an amazing and complex flavor. If you did not get a chance to read about what a peaberry is, you can read about that HERE

But, today we are going to dissect this bean a little bit in an attempt to understand it a little bit deeper and be able to brew it a little bit better. 

When I first tasted this coffee I was absolutely amazed by how clear the cup tasted. I have cupped quite a few coffees that have honestly left me confused. The flavors were blurry and slurred, and there were so many conflicting parts within the cup. This can be a result of poor farming, but it is most often the result of uneven roasting, and to be honest, you will almost always have some margin within your coffee. But the finer the margin is within the roast, the more clear and refined each of the elements in the cup will be. Peaberry’s offer a shape that allows them to be roasted very evenly, and that is something worth tasting.


As you begin to sip this coffee, you will immediately detect dark, chocolatey flavors. These flavors boldly present themselves at the front of the cup, before gradually giving way to slightly softer cherry flavors. 


The cup begins with a completely undetectable acidity, but as the initial taste fades this coffee has bright, tangy acidity that you will only taste for a second or two. Pay attention or you could miss it completely, because it comes and goes very quickly.


Each time you come back to the cup, you will notice the slow uncovering of beautiful caramelly sweetness. We roast this bean up until the sugars are just beginning to darken into strong caramel flavors. You will really enjoy how the dark sugars provide a constant within the cup.


For all the compound elements within this coffee, it has a surprisingly soft body. It is medium bodied, similar to a cup of milk or a cream soda. 


As the flavors in this coffee rest on your palette, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ability of the sugars to endure. The aftertaste is dark, but it has a pleasant sweetness to it that is quite enjoyable. 


Over the next 2 weeks, we will continue to break down this amazing coffee as we compare it to our decaf Astronaut Blend. Be sure to stay tuned here, and also on our social media platforms. You can find our Facebook at and Instagram at:

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