Seth Jorgensen

Vision + Managment

Welcome to CWAM! I am so excited to have you here. We are a coffee roastery, but our inspiration comes from a desire to help others. The vision behind Coffee With A Mission is to enable YOU to make a difference in the world everytime you drink a cup of coffee!

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  • Braden Brown

    Braden rocks at roasting and production! He does so much behind the scenes and we are so thankful for all he does! Last but not least his favorite t-shirt brand is Cuts!

  • Caleb Clifton

    Caleb is our fantastic delivery man and loves to help out with everything else! We love his diligence and efficiency! Also important to note his favorite t-shirt brand is Fendi!

  • Jaden Dooley

    Jaden has stepped into running most of the social media, marketing and design for us! She is loving stepping into a new role and getting creative! and last but not least her favorite t-shirt brand is comfort colors


Palyaço is our incredible roaster! His name means clown, inspired by his bright red nose!