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Hanging out with friends and family is a key part of a memorable summer, and we are so excited to help be a part! Everyone knows that great food fuels fun times, and excellent coffee sets the stage for quality conversations. As you spend this summer laughing, smiling, and hanging out with your people, we are honored to give you something special to sip on.

Share our story with your friends. You are a part of a coffee community that is committed to supporting local non-profits instead of themselves. That is worth sharing every time you sit down with a friend over a cup of coffee. 

Iced Sunshine Latte Recipe

  • Start with Delicious Cold Brew Concentrate - Whether you use your own cold brew recipe or our super simple Steeper recipe, the key is making your cold brew strong and rich. 
  • Mix in Honey to Preferred Sweetness - When you are trying to incorporate honey (or any syrup) into a cold drink, it is best to dissolve the honey in a splash of hot water and then mix that liquid into your drink. Otherwise you may end up with all your honey at the base of your cup. Combine the honey mixture with your cold brew and pour it all over ice. 
  • Incorporate Cinnamon into your Milk of Choice - In this incredible drink, it doesn't matter too much which milk you use, but we would definitely recommend regular or oat milk. Almond, coconut, or other alternative milks can sometimes add a conflicting flavor to the drink. Mix into your milk a sprinkle of cinnamon and then pour that over your iced coffee.


Chill out with some Cold Brew...

Summer is here in full force and CWAM is responding with coffee to help keep you cool and refreshed! There are few things that taste better on a hot summer afternoon than a cool cup of coffee, but sometimes cold coffee can be hard to make properly. No one likes making a delicious drink and then watching their drink taste more and more diluted as the ice in their cup melts. Our secret? We have created a specific roast of coffee with a strong and rich flavor that will cut through whatever ice, milk, or flavorings your iced drink calls for.

We are so excited to introduce our COLD BREW coffee blend. This is available to purchase in 8oz bags, but also in our very own Steeper™ Bags! Grab a single, 5, or 20 pack today and start making incredible cold brew at home!




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