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The deals just keep getting better! But not for much longer!

If you have not had the chance yet to go pick up a bag of Astronaut Blend, you don’t want to miss this opportunity! We are giving away FREE STICKERS with all orders, and to add to that every order will be entered into a giveaway! That’s right! At the end of this month one lucky winner will be given a FREE COFFEE TASTING EXPERIENCE & A DELONGHI STILOSA ESPRESSO MACHINE! Order now.

This past week we released a video with some tips for brewing the Astronaut Blend and you can find that by clicking here! 

Then, this Tuesday at 10am we will be going LIVE on Facebook and Instagram as we roast some Astronaut Blend and talk about how this beans special shape affects the roasting process. You won’t want to miss this so watch our Facebook and Instagram. Everyone who views will be automatically given an extra entry into our giveaway!

Also, be sure to ‘click here’ to subscribe to our Youtube, and stay tuned because this Friday we are releasing a full cupping & taste analysis of the Astronaut Blend! You won’t want to miss it!

We also just added some NEW SHIRTS & HATS that you are going to absolutely love! Click here to see them all!

We have so much going on right now and I cannot wait to see how everything continues to grow. Starting the 29th we are very excited to be kicking off our newest monthly partnership with Real Options Clinic! Real Options is a Wenatchee based womens healthcare clinic that provides all of their services for FREE! So in honor of International Coffee Day & International Women's Health Day, we have some really exciting things planned! 

Be sure to stay tuned, and as always make sure to let your coffee cool before drinking it so you don’t burn your tastebuds!

God bless!

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