Meet October's Mission of the Month!

Did you know that your coffee purchases benefit both LOCAL & GLOBAL charities?

Each month we are going to alternate between highlighting local and global charities that we are partnered with, and each month we will be offering a custom coffee blend just for them! So get ready for a ton of exciting new coffees and missions!

As we approach the beginning of a new month, I am so excited to share with you about October’s Mission of the Month! We will be kicking off this fundraiser on September 29th. The 29th is National Coffee Day and it is also National Womens Health & Fitness Day! So we are excited to be partnered with Real Options. Real Options is a non-profit medical clinic in Wenatchee that provides no-cost medical care to women in and around our valley. They also love coffee, and after tasting countless coffees they decided on a favorite! So for the entire month of October you can buy their favorite coffee, a delightful medium roast Ethiopian coffee,  and $5 from every bag will go straight to support their cause! 

Our goal at Coffee With A Mission is to provide you with a simple way to give back to the coffee community, but also to those around you. Real Options blesses so many throughout Wenatchee, and this is a chance for you to invest in the wellbeing of our valley! 



Let’s taste the Real Options Signature Roast…

Origin: Ethiopia
Roast level: Medium
Flavor Notes: Jasmine Tea, Almond, Oat

This coffee greats your mouth with such a delightful combination of flavor, acidity, sweetness, and body… 


For every bag purchased, $5 is donated to support Real Options.

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