'Coffee With A Mission' is driven by passion, directed by love, and dedicated to quality.

Hi! My name is Seth Jorgensen.

I have a crazy story of how I ended up in the coffee industry, and let's just say I did not see it coming! I am a passionate chaser of dreams and I have a massive heart for Jesus and the coming of his kingdom through global missions!

Let us set our eyes on what is unseen!

Meet our coffee roaster, Palyaço!

Palyaço is named after the Turkish word for "clown" due to his bright red nose! Palyaço is a 2lb roaster and he allows us to roast incredibly consistent and even batches of coffee.

We love our roaster!


We are devoted to making an impact in our community and in the world, and we are using coffee to do just that!

Each month we rotate between giving to LOCAL & GLOBAL non-profits! Learn more about the missions we support by clicking here!