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The Thunder Roast (in support of Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse)

The Thunder Roast (in support of Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse)

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Raise money for Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse with every cup of The Thunder Roast coffee! This Brazilian blend not only delivers a flavorful caffeine kick, but also helps support local lacrosse teams by providing equipment and funding for tournaments. Drink good coffee for a good cause.

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Taste the CWAM difference!

CWAM Loves Giving Back.

Our company came together with the idea that people like you should be able to give back through ordinary things... like shopping and drinking coffee! We turned that dream into reality, and now every time you buy coffee from us we turn around and invest in our community.

Our Coffee is Ethically Sourced + Fair Trade.

Our team doesn't just buy random beans and roast them, we intentionally source our coffee in a way that promotes the health of the entire coffee industry.

We have visited our farmers, and we love them and want them to be successful. You might not be able to taste that, but it makes a massive difference!

Our Beans Are Hand Roasted To Ensure Perfection.

That's right! No automatic equipment is involved. Our roasting team hand roasts every single batch to order to ensure quality and consistency!

I love this company and so appreciate the heart and mission within. The roasts are wonderfully accomplished and I’ve never been dissatisfied. Be blessed my friends!

Shawn Arington (Customer Since May 2021)